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Orka Two Hearing Aid Launched with General Chip and AI DeNoise Technology, Bluetooth, and Personalized Fitting

Using general chip technology with reportedly 1,000 times the processing power of other hearing devices, the new Orka Two hearing aid features proprietary AI-driven noise reduction, in-app adjustments, Bluetooth, and a blended OTC and clinic-based care model.

Orka Two Hearing Aids

Orka Two hearing aid.

A rapidly expanding user demographic and slow adoption rate for hearing aids necessitates a new direction in hearing device innovation, says Chicago-based Orka, an innovator in human-centered technology. Today, the company’s latest Orka Two is being launched as a cutting-edge hearing aid designed to redefine how people hear. Crafted from the ground up and utilizing proprietary technology that distinguishes it from generic white-labeled products on the market, Orka Two is said to combine state-of-the-art attributes, AI-driven noise reduction, and unmatched processing power to provide a seamless and personalized hearing experience. The hearing aid will be offered at $1,899.

The founding team at Orka Two, drawing from personal experience with hearing loss, has dedicated the past 4 years to crafting a product that breaks with conventional hearing aid design to reshape the lives of people with hearing impairments. Bolstered by extensive stints at prominent firms like Apple, Facebook, and Siemens, as well as investments from financial giants Sequoia and Tencent, Orka’s goal is to shake up the hearing care industry with its new approach to hearing devices.

"We understand firsthand the frustrations associated with hearing loss, and we believe that technology can play a vital role in improving the lives of individuals with hearing impairments," says Orka Founder and CEO Ben Sun. "That's why we built Orka Two from the ground up and from a first-hand user perspective. We’ve been in stealth mode for years developing a device based on countless human trials.”

Orka Two introduces an array of new features that are designed to set it apart from traditional hearing aids. Powered by artificial intelligence, its noise cancellation capabilities reportedly surpass those of top competitors, delivering superior performance and enhanced clarity. With “1,000 times the processing power,” the company states that its Orka Two ensures users can fully immerse themselves in conversations and enjoy their favorite sounds without compromise.

“I used hearing aids for seven years before finally switching to the cochlear implant, and my personal battle with hearing loss sparked the idea to create Orka so that we could better the lives of those going through similar difficulties,” says Orka Chief Communications Officer and Co-founder Xinke Liu. “Throughout my own personal journey with hearing loss, I’ve learned the importance of ongoing and personalized support, which is why Orka Two has evolved out of empathy, so we can help customers adjust to, and make the most of, their hearing devices.”

Xinke Orka Fb

Xinke Liu.

Orka offers a hybrid approach between over-the-counter (OTC) and clinic-based care, combining audiologist expertise with the convenience of at-home shopping with a try-on experience. Users benefit from a personalized service and professional consultation with the Orka team, free professional in-situ hearing screening, and ongoing consultations, followed up with remote adjustments to suit their individual listening needs.

Another unique feature of Orka is its use of general chips similar to those found in popular consumer audio devices like AirPods instead of custom chips used by traditional hearing aids in the market. According to Orka, these chips optimize the combination of software and hardware through advanced algorithms that can drive innovation in hearing devices. Orka Two leverages unique algorithms to improve processing power, computation, and connectivity capabilities.

One of the traditional constraints in using general chips in hearing aid applications is battery drain and the number of hours available for use before having to be recharged. Orka told HearingTracker that “a fully-charged battery provides you with up to 11 hours of usage. With the rechargeable case, Orka Two ensures up to 36 hours of high-quality listening.”

The company states that Orka Two incorporates many new features, including:

  • AI DeNoise - Orka Two’s most significant noise reduction feature provides a smooth and natural hearing experience, surpassing that of top competitors, to ensure optimal sound isolation and quality by focusing on speech clarity and minimizing background noise.
  • Bluetooth - The device is Bluetooth 5.3 technology equipped and supports both BLE and Classic Bluetooth compatibility, enabling seamless connectivity with a wide range of devices, including Apple and Android.
  • On-Case Controls and Built-In Power Bank - With control buttons on the charging case, a unique feature by Orka, users can effortlessly switch settings without opening the app, enhancing convenience and accessibility. The charging case also has a built-in power bank for charging on the go.
  • No Tiered Pricing - Orka simplifies the customer experience by offering fully equipped models without additional costs or confusing product lineups. The final price is $1,899.
  • Automatic Noise Reduction and Environment Switching - Every Orka Two device comes standard with automatic noise reduction and environment switching capabilities, ensuring optimal performance in various environments.
  • In-App Hearing Screening and Remote Adjustment - Orka Two offers convenient hearing assessments and adjustments from the comfort of home, empowering users to personalize their experience.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) Updates - Unlike its specific-chip counterparts, the Orka Two hearing aids, created with general chips, continually evolve with the user through OTA updates, ensuring ongoing improvements and increased effectiveness.

According to Orka, with its commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on creating an effortless user experience, Orka Two represents a major leap forward in hearing aid technology—combining innovation, functionality, and accessibility to enhance the lives of individuals with hearing impairments.

For more information about Orka Two and to explore the range of Orka products, please visit the Orka website.

About Orka

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2018, Orka is a multinational startup focused on innovative hearing technologies. As one of the first global tech companies to employ AI technology throughout the full lifecycle of hearing aids, Orka is dedicated to creating an integrated hearing aid system that combines hardware, AI algorithms, and services. By achieving precise separation of human voices and noise, developing smart hearing aids, and a remote fitting platform, Orka offers users efficient solutions for remote, fine-tuning hearing aids, and redefining hearing aid products and services. Since its inception, Orka has been devoted to breaking the technological limitations of traditional hearing aids. Through combining design and technology, Orka hopes to tackle the challenges of hearing loss in a smart and economical way, making healthcare more personable and convenient. Okra was named a winner of the 2021 Reddot awards for Bluetooth hearing aids and was named a 2021 CES Innovation Awards honoree.