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AuraFuturity Launches New Short Video Series “Hearing Moment With Andy”

Videos address topics aimed at improving the lifestyle and well-being of people with hearing loss in a format both hearing care professionals and consumers will find interesting and valuable.

Andy Bellavia Hearing Moments

Andrew Bellavia is creating a video series for hearing care professionals and consumers.

AuraFuturity, a go-to-market and branding consultancy in the dynamic and growing hearables, hearing health, and broader communication accessibility spaces, has launched a new short video series “Hearing Moment With Andy.” Leveraging both his personal and professional experience, founder Andrew Bellavia will in 3-5 minutes address topics that hearing care professionals can incorporate in working with clients, and that consumers can view for useful ideas to improve their own experience with hearing loss. These will include how to use hearing tech in daily situations, interesting news and why it matters, media reviews, and more.

“The hearing loss community is very diverse, with a wide variety of needs in different situations,” said Bellavia, himself a hearing aid user as well as an industry professional. “My goal in launching this video series is to speak to the lived experience with hearing loss from different perspectives relevant to both hearing care professionals and their clients, drawing on what I’ve learned personally and also highlighting the work of others who bring their own unique perspectives.”

“Andy Bellavia provides one of the most unique perspectives in all of hearing healthcare, as he is a hearing aid wearer, an industry expert with more than a decade of experience working with the technology, and well-versed in the modern-day challenges and opportunities that hearing professionals face,” remarked Dave Kemp, Director of Business Development at Oaktree Products and industry thought leader. “Along with his deep expertise, Andy has a knack for making content that is fun, educational and easily digestible. He’s one of my favorite people to follow in this space and I’m excited to see his next content endeavor unfold.”

The inaugural video is live and future episodes will be aired

About AuraFuturity

Founded in 2022, AuraFuturity was launched to provide go-to-market and branding services to the growing network of innovative companies addressing the global pandemic of hearing loss or meeting the needs of those unable to communicate by typical means. For additional information, visit the AuraFuturity website.

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