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Dr. Douglas Beck Joins Hearing Matters Podcast as Co-Host

Audiologist Douglas Beck, Au.D., will be adding interviews and op-eds while providing valuable insights for hearing care professionals.


Douglas Beck, AuD.

CHARLESTON, SC — Renowned audiologist, lecturer, and one of audiology’s most prolific authors, Dr. Douglas L. Beck, has joined the Hearing Matters Podcast as a co-host, along with original host and founder, Blaise Delfino, MS, HIS. The Hearing Matters Podcast, recognized among the top hearing healthcare podcasts globally, has become a trusted platform and information source for consumers and others seeking information on hearing aids, hearing loss, listening problems, and other communication disorders.

Dr. Beck will add hearing care professional interviews and podcast op-eds to provide valuable insight for hearing care professionals as they dig deeper into audiology, amplification, counseling, cognition, tinnitus, cochlear and middle ear implants, ethics, and related matters. With more than 240 publications, hundreds of interviews, and more than 1,000 professional presentations, Dr. Beck brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to the Hearing Matters Podcast.

“I’ve been following Blaise and the Hearing Matters Podcast since the first episode some four and a half years ago. The professionalism, the topics, the engaging guests, and the high-quality production and discussions are a breath of fresh air. I am honored to play a small role and contribute to the Hearing Matters Podcast,” shared Dr. Beck.

Founded by Blaise Delfino in 2019, the Hearing Matters Podcast has gained significant traction and has become a valuable resource in the hearing healthcare industry. "Dr. Beck's expertise and dedication to audiology align perfectly with our mission and goals. His trusted and recognized name and expertise will help broaden our reach within the professional hearing healthcare community,” remarks Delfino. “We are thrilled to have him on board to underscore our standing as a trusted platform for hearing care providers and individuals seeking hearing healthcare information.”

About the Hearing Matters Podcast

The Hearing Matters Podcast is dedicated to promoting and exploring the importance of hearing health. Blaise and Doug lead insightful discussions with industry experts, audiologists, and individuals impacted by hearing loss. With a mission to educate and inspire, the podcast covers a wide range of topics including cutting-edge technology, communication strategies, common hearing conditions, and the emotional well-being tied to hearing wellness. Through their warm and engaging hosting style, Blaise and Doug ensure that every episode of the Hearing Matters Podcast empowers listeners to take control of their hearing health journey.

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