Hearing Technology Innovator 2022 Awards Winners Announced

Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), an online resource for hearing professionals and consumers with hearing loss, has today announced the winners of its third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™. Through the annual awards program, HHTM honors technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. 


This year’s expanded program was the most competitive yet and received entries from some of the most innovative companies from around the world

“With the culmination of this year’s Awards, the breadth of vision, creativity, and inspiration shows,” said 2022 Program Chair, Jerry DeRosa. “Our industry benefits from these advancements and by rewarding ingenuity and honoring excellence we confirm they are deserving of that recognition.”

A review of the 2022 Hearing Technology Innovator Awards winners from HTTM.

Category Winners

Hearing Aids

  • Behind The Ear: Unitron Stride B-UP
  • Custom: Starkey Evolv AI
  • Design: Customs by ReSound
  • RIC: Phonak Audeo Life
  • Non-Traditional: Jabra Enhance Plus
  • Direct to Consumer ITE: Eargo 6
  • Direct to Consumer BTE: Sontro AI-S

Personal Listening Device

  • Wearable listening device: TriHear Convo
  • Remote Microphone Technology: Roger On

Assistive Technology & Software

  • Audio & Induction Loop Systems: AB Transistor T-Sign
  • Caption Technology: Mobile Apps: InnoCaption
  • Personal Amplification: Software: aiso™ for Hearing
  • Mobile Apps: Hearing Devices: Widex My Sound


  • Hearing & Balance: Auditdata Measure
  • Verification and Validation: Redux
  • Mobile Testing: SHOEBOX PureTest
  • Otoscopy and Ear Scanning: Tympa System

Service Delivery

  • Telehealth: Tuned
  • Remote Care: Maudey
  • Tinnitus Management: Tinnibot
  • Clinical Products: LightBeam® Ear Curettes
  • Hearing and Auditory Training: LACE Auditory Training
  • Practice Management: Auditdata Manage

Auditory Implants

  • Bone Conduction Implants: Cochlear Osia System
  • Cochlear Implants: iotaSOFT Insertion System
  • Education & Training: Cochlear™ Recipient Solutions Managers

Hearing Conservation

  • Acoustic: Phonak Serenity Choice™
  • Electronic: SoundGear Phantom
  • Software: hearTest Occ Health

Prevention & Therapeutics

  • Hearing Loss Treatment: CILcare - CBSET
Httm Award 2022 Winner Iotasoft 1200x675

The winner of the HTTM Innovator of the Year Award, iotaSOFT, is a robotic-assisted insertion technology intended to aid surgeons in the placement of cochlear implant electrode arrays by controlling the speed of insertion.

Innovator of the Year: iotaMotion

This year’s Innovator of the Year title has been awarded to iotaMotion for the company’s ioatSOFT insertion system. The iotaSOFT system is a robotic-assisted insertion technology intended to aid surgeons in the placement of cochlear implant electrode arrays by controlling the speed of insertion.

The technology can be used with electrodes across implant manufacturers and was specifically designed for seamless integration in the operating room to enable the surgeon to insert the electrode “beyond human capability”.

The company received the most votes by an independent judge’s panel, based on the following criteria.

  • Innovation – Technology that represents novel thinking in addressing habilitation of acquired hearing loss, its treatment and delivery.
  • Effectiveness - Technological advances that best address limitations of previous generations of technology
  • Efficiency – Advances that best close the distance between hearing care and the end-user
  • Utility – Innovation that promotes greater ease of use by the end-user and/or practitioner

“iotaMotion, a company focused on advancing CI surgery beyond human capability, is thrilled to win Innovator of the Year,” said company CEO, Mike Lobinsky. “The iotaSOFT® Insertion System was designed by experts in otolaryngology with a goal of addressing an unmet need that we believe will greatly impact the CI industry for years to come. “

About the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

The Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™ is an international awards program designed to recognize and celebrate innovation within the hearing industry. Since its inception, the program has helped raise over $20,000 for hearing charities. For details visit the HTTM Awards web page.

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