Maudey Virtual Hearing Aid Assistant Launched during "Better Hearing & Speech Month"

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – In concert with “Better Hearing & Speech Month,” Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) announced the launch of Maudey®, their patented virtual hearing aid assistant created for mature hearing aid patients, their family members, and their providers.

Maudey Group Tv Watching

Maudey is specially designed to match the learning needs of older adults and become your patients’ at-home aftercare mentor.

Maudey's national launch for providers of prescriptive and over-the-counter hearing aids will be accompanied by special promotional pricing over the next four weeks. Providers may schedule a video appointment and demonstration at the Maudey website.

“Maudey was designed to make using and maintaining hearing aids easier than watching TV,” said Alan Letzt, President & CEO of HTM. “Our mission is twofold: Helping older adults achieve the best possible hearing aid outcomes and satisfaction and enabling their providers to more efficiently offer higher quality, proactive aftercare.”

For hearing aid users, Maudey offers three unique benefits:

  • Available 24/7 on the patient's TV, laptop or mobile device.
  • Engages family members and/or caregivers to provide added patient support and encouragement.
  • Promotes patient self-empowerment while forging a better connection with their providers.

“I observed the challenges faced by relatives who acquired hearing aids,” added Stephanie Letzt, Vice President of HTM. “And I was confident there had to be a better way to reinforce the information and guide patients through their journey. So, I worked with Alan and our team of audiologists to compile the essential elements of the product we later named Maudey. Also, we were very fortunate when Dr. Tom Powers agreed to join the HTM team last year as a valued Executive Advisor.”

Maudey Couple With Computer

Maudey is an integrated, cloud-based system that was designed for ease of use for mature adults and others who are not tech-savvy. From the outset, Maudey has been designed to complement the apps provided by the hearing aid manufacturers.

Maudey, which was developed and successfully clinically tested with support from the National Institute on Aging, has received the industry's Hearing Technology Innovator Award.

Maudey will be made available on a subscription basis to hearing aid providers that will, in turn, enroll their hearing aid patients and connect with them via Maudey's video calls, alerts, reports, and Noah interface.

For more information, check out the This Week in Hearing podcast that featured Maudey.

In a "This Week in Hearing" podcast, Audiologist Bob Traynor, EdD, interviews Maudey CEO Alan Letzt, Director of Audiology Maureen Wiskerchen, MA, and consultant Tom Powers, PhD, about the Maudey internet-based solution for hearing aid education and remote patient care. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

About Healthcare Technologies and Methods, LLC (HTM)

HTM is a healthcare-IT company that specializes in systems that are easy for mature adults to use and content that is easy for mature adults to understand. HTM's goal is to enable older adults to benefit from the latest advances in healthcare without being left behind in a high-tech world favoring younger adults.

HTM was co-founded by Alan and Stephanie Letzt who combined their professional backgrounds in engineering, human factors and public health, and their shared passions for system usability and process simplification. They have assembled a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of audiologists, software developers, video producers, and business experts to prepare Maudey for commercial use and provide responsive technical support.