Starkey’s Dr. Sara Burdak Explains “The Why” Behind Genesis AI

Easy-to-use hearing aid is the most validated product in Starkey’s history

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINN – Starkey’s revolutionary hearing technology was designed specifically to make life easier for hearing healthcare providers. In the latest episode of Starkey Sound Bites, Starkey’s Chief Audiology Officer and Executive Vice President of Product Strategy, Dr. Sara Burdak, discusses exactly what that means. From fitting software that works in a matter of minutes, to a more intuitive app, learn about the decisions that went into Genesis AI—all of them with the provider in mind. Burdak also talks about the unprecedented testing process that went into this groundbreaking device.   

Sara Burdak

Sara Burdak, AuD.

“This definitely is the largest clinical trial and the most validated product in Starkey's history, and I would put it to the test, really, in our industry,” said Dr. Burdak. “We knew everything was built from the ground up, and that meant a whole different level of requirements for verification and validation. Our clinical research team has been putting Genesis AI to the test over the past 18 months, fitting more than 500 people who provided us with constant feedback over the course of 11,000 hours of infield wear time, before it was released to the public. So, we know the claims that we’re making, and the one I’m really proud of is: Genesis AI provides a 10% improvement in speech intelligibility over our previous technology.”

Starkey’s all-new fitting software, Pro Fit, was architected from the ground up based on input from hearing professionals around the globe. Designed for efficiency, ease of use, and a seamless fitting experience — from first fit to fine tuning. Additionally, the new My Starkey App gives patients full control over their hearing aids, plus the ability to get helpful tips, track their health, and access intelligent features designed to simplify their lives.    

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