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Welcome Signia Pure® 13 BT

Today, Signia (formerly Siemens) unveiled the Signia Pure® 13 BT, the company’s first Made-For-iPhone (MFi) hearing aid, and the world’s first true telehealth-supported hearing aid with iPhone audio streaming capabilities.  The Pure™ 13 BT is also the first hearing aid to use iPhone motion sensors to improve hearing for speech when walking, jogging, or in the car, and reportedly the first hearing aid to provide both “high-definition binaural hearing” and Bluetooth® audio streaming (from a connected device).

Signia Pure 13 BT


As with other MFi hearing aids, the Signia Pure® 13 BT streams audio directly from iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch via Bluetooth® low energy (LE), which enables high fidelity streaming – in stereo – without high energy consumption. MFi streaming is great for media consumption (think Spotify and YouTube), but also provides a tailored-to-your-hearing hands-free calling solution that is available anywhere you go. Unfortunately, and like other MFi hearing aids, you’ll still need to keep your iPhone nearby when making calls (your voice will be picked up by the microphone on your iPhone).

Signia Pure® 13 BT’s iPhone connectivity is accompanied by Signia’s road-tested ear-to-ear (e2e™) wireless system, which provides spatial awareness (what direction are sounds coming from), and better speech understanding through advanced binaural directionality and environment-specific optimization for speech.

Signia has also introduced the StreamLine TV transmitter, which delivers high-quality stereo sound – streamed from your TV via Bluetooth® LE – directly to your hearing aids. We are told that pairing the Pure® 13 BT with the StreamLine TV transmitter is as easy as placing the hearing aids on top of the transmitter box to allow the auto-pairing process to complete.


Telecare 2.0

The Pure® 13 BT is the first Signia hearing aid to utilize the new primax star platform. Through primax star, the Pure® 13 BT (and all primax hearing aids) can now connect to Signia’s hearing telehealth platform, TeleCare™. TeleCare™allows consumers and hearing professionals chat about issues in real-time, and provides a mechanism for hearing professionals to make remote hearing aid adjustments to their patient’s hearing aids. TeleCare 2.0 introduces additional capabilities such as advanced data logging, secure end-to-end encrypted data transfer, and improved remote hearing aid adjustments, now across four frequency bands (previously only gain and tone control were available to providers).

As a consumer, you will interact with your provider via the Signia myHearing App, which is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Here’s a short video, from the perspective of a hearing provider, that should help to explain some of the benefits of the myHearing App for consumers:

Motion Detection

 The Pure® 13 BT is also the first hearing aid to utilize iPhone motion sensors to adjust sound processing based on your activities. According to Signia, when “the wearer is walking in a noisy environment, the hearing aids register the wearer is in motion, and automatically adjust to better hear a conversation partner at their side or from the back while maintaining awareness of environmental sounds like sirens, approaching vehicles, or pedestrians.” Signia also claims that motion detection will make their environmental classification system even more robust, by adding a valuable data point. Now your hearing aids can be even more certain that you’re in the car, and they’ll be sure to optimize the sound accordingly.

Companion App

A new mobile app, MyControl, is available exclusively for the Pure® 13 BT. The new app will allow you to “make personalized adjustments to programs, volume, microphone directionality, and treble/bass, during audio streaming.” The app also tracks your daily noise exposure, and displays the information in a familiar way – like the way a fitness app would display your heart rate over the course of a workout.

The Pure® 13 BT will be released in May 2017. It will be available in three technology levels, eleven colors, and will use a size 13 battery for extended battery life.


Update July 2017

The Pure® 13 BT has been on the market for a while now and the feedback so far has been good. See consumer reviews for the Signia Pure 13 BT.

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