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With January rapidly approaching, the countdown to the International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) for 2016 is on. With each CES conference comes another round of CES Innovation Awards in categories like Wearable TechnologiesHeadphones, and Tech for a Better World. “Best of Innovation Awards Honorees” were announced earlier this week, and while no hearing loss tech was awarded the coveted “Best of” designation, there were plenty of interesting Honorees.

Here’s a brief list of CES Innovations Awards Honorees that may directly or indirectly help those suffering from hearing impairment (product descriptions quoted from CES):

ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids


Category: Tech For a Better World

The ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids is a new silver-zinc rechargeable battery system that that can be retrofitted into many popular hearing aids in order to make them rechargeable. The ZPower System is the first to offer 24+ hours between recharges in today’s advanced hearing aids.

Read more at the ZPower website

Jacoti Hearing Suite

Category: Tech For a Better World

Leveraging existing consumer tech (smartphones, wifi), Jacoti Hearing Suite is an integrated collection of mobile applications, solutions and cloud-based services that provide medically certified, reliable, consistent and highly advanced personalized hearing assistance and audio enrichment.

Read more at the Jacoti website

Resound LiNX2

CategoryAccessible Technologies

ReSound LiNX2™ is the world’s first full family of Made for iPhone hearing aids and the new benchmark in Smart Hearing™ technology. Building on the groundbreaking ReSound LiNX™, its innovative technologies deliver the best in audiology, design, connectivity and personalization.

Read more at the Resound website. See LiNX2 reviews on Hearing Tracker

Real Wireless Stereo Earphone with Hearing Aid for PSAP

Category: Headphones

The world first Real wireless stereo earphone [with] integrated PSAP function.It can be used for voice calling and music with Smart Phone or PSAP individually. It not only has modern and compact design but also has long operating time and rebust wireless connection.

We can’t find more information about this product on the Mavin website

Other Honorees in Hearing

The technologies showcased above are clearly targeted to those with hearing impairment. Let’s take a look at some technologies that may be of interest to those with hearing impairment, even though they may not be the obvious target market.

eFit by United Sciences

Category: Tech For a Better World

eFit is the only technology in the world capable of accurately scanning and measuring a hole through non-contact means. The human ear is the hardest hole to measure; our technology enables the creation of customized in-ear headphones and audio products, hearing protection devices and wearables capable of providing activity tracking and biometric sensing data.

Read more at the United Sciences website

SleepPhones® HarmonyTM

Category: Headphones

SleepPhones® HarmonyTM headphones-in-a-headband combine ultra-comfortable, remarkably thin wireless music headphones with state-of-the-art sleep sensors and a real-time intelligent music app for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

Read more at the SleepPhones website

AEGIS Pro-The World’s Safest Listening Headphones

Category: Headphones

AEGIS Pro takes audio safety to a completely new level. Invented for youth, our headphones contain a volume-limiting function, precisely tuned dual speakers and an active noise cancelling ability, all to ensure the very best of sounds, a stylish look and the safest of listening.

Read more at AEGIS’ Kickstarter page

Trekz Titanium™: Wireless Bone Conduction

Category: Headphones

Introducing the ultimate sport headphone—Trekz Titanium. Proprietary bone conduction technology and a titanium frame are the secrets behind our incredible open ear listening experience that prioritizes situational awareness, long term comfort and premium sound without compromise.

Read more at the AfterShokz website

Orfeo Bluetooth Earphones

Category: Headphones

Orfeo Bluetooth Earphones are the world’s first Bluetooth earphones that have a microphone inside the earphones, which physically remove all the surrounding noises from the loud environment such as rock concert and transfer the human voice only.


Category: Wearable Technologies

Skybuds are truly wireless earbuds with an embedded mic which conveniently dock and charge within our custom smartphone charging case. Think – the convergence of 4 products: earbuds, headset, a smartphone case and an extra battery all compressed into a single, totally convenient solution.

Read more at the Skybuds website

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