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JVC Introduces Its First OTC Hearing Aid: JVC EHZ1500

Priced at $999.99, the device leverages Intricon's Lumen technology and Tuned's AI app for easy self-fitting, personalization, and real-time support.
Jvc Eh Z1500 Otc Hearing Aid

The JVC EH-Z1500 is unique in that it runs on an AI-powered app designed to give you round-the-clock assistance for your hearing needs.

JVC has announced the availability of its JVC EH-Z1500 Bluetooth-app controlled behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, the company’s first self-fitting over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid which now retails on its website for $999.99. As detailed by HearingTracker in an October news article, this latest OTC hearing aid is the culmination of a project between JVC, Minneapolis-based hearing aid maker Intricon, and software developer Tuned Ltd, which is headquartered in Israel.

With decades of experience in high-quality sound reproduction, JVC is now leveraging its knowledge and branding—as well as the expertise and technology embodied in Intricon’s Lumen hearing aid and Tuned’s artificial-intelligence (AI) powered app—to offer self-fitting hearing aids that can be easily set up, adjusted, and personalized for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. At about $1000, the JVC EH-Z1500 is positioned near the middle-range of current OTC hearing aid pricing and about $200 more than its closest technological competitor, Lexie Lumen, which does not feature the Tuned app.

The Tuned AI-driven smartphone app is designed to present a user-friendly self-fitting experience without the requirement for an in-person appointment. Boasting cutting-edge clinical-grade hearing technology, these devices feature fine-tuning to match your individualized hearing profile, complemented by real-time support from hearing professionals accessible through the app. Tuned’s AI-powered self-fitting app received FDA Class II clearance in September.

Jvc Intricon And Tuned Otc Hearing Aids

The JVC and Intricon partnership represents the pairing of a popular consumer audio brand with a well-known hearing aid developer and manufacturer.

This app takes users on through the hearing aid setup process, powered by what the company says is the world's first patented AI Hearing Assistant. Developed by a team of audiologists specializing in hearing aid fitting and audiologic rehabilitation, the AI Hearing Assistant automatically tailors the hearing aids to each user's distinct needs. It then provides users with round-the-clock access to answers and service during the acclimatization process, leveraging AI technology to offer a series of daily goals and lessons. These include tips and instructional videos, ensuring users gain the maximum benefit from their hearing aids.

Adjusting hearing aid volume, programs, and settings is reportedly made easy through the app, often proving more convenient than using the buttons on the hearing aids. For those instances where additional assistance is required, Tuned provides remote support from hearing care professionals.

Established in Yokohama, Japan, in 1927, JVC is part of a JVCKENWOOD Corp, a multinational electronics company with its U.S. headquarters in Long Beach, Calif. The company focuses on car and home electronics and wireless systems for the global consumer electronics market. The brand includes numerous wireless earbuds and headphones for a variety of needs. Other JVC products include high-definition displays and home theater projectors, camcorders, and home theater systems, as well as serving as the OEM manufacturer of audio equipment in cars, including Datsun, Nissan, and Honda. Its brands include JVC, Kenwood, and Victor.


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