Adam Savage: Hearing Aids "Freaking Changed My Life"

Mythbuster Adam Savage reflects on the marvels of modern hearing aid technology

If you've watched Adam Savage blow things up on his MythBusters TV show or put things together on his Tested YouTube channel, you may have heard him mention he wears hearing aids. In fact, one of the biggest myths he has tried to bust is the idea that hearing aids make you feel old. Instead, he'll tell you that hearing aids "freaking changed my life."

Closed captions are available on this video.

Savage, a well-known Hollywood special effects creator and TV host, has worn hearing aids for more than a decade. His most recent video is a review of his new Widex hearing aids. He says he upgrades every four or five years, and he can barely believe the improvement this time around.

"The difference between the new state of the art and what I had before is like a sea change," he says. "These are not only much clearer, but they give me a much wider sonic range. Music sounds better. They also talk to my phone, and they'll talk to yours, too."

Savage goes on to say that "hearing loss can sequester you away from the world," but that hearing aids will improve your relationships. And they even allow you to venture back into "sonically toxic environments" like bars and restaurants.

"If you think you might have hearing loss, you very likely do," he says. "Get tested. Get some hearing aids. And enjoy a new life where you can actually hear people talking."

Dr Cliff, AuD provides additional background on Adam Savage's hearing loss!

Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.