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Audiophiles, bloggers, internet trawlers and hearing device users – sit back and relax – and experience the magic of cochlear implants. We’ve compiled some of the best cochlear implant videos available online to help share the wonder and amazement of hearing! We double dare you not to shed a tear!

1. Two Years Old Hears for the First Time

This little fellow has a great reaction when hearing his mother’s voice for the first time. He quickly associates the sensation of sound to the gear on his ear, which he will later learn is known as a cochlear implant.

2. Eight Month Old Smiles to Mom’s Voice

Not all babies are born deaf. This child lost his hearing at the age of 4 months after contracting bacterial meningitis, and subsequently received a cochlear implant. His soppy smiles are worth the watch.

3. Women Cries after Hearing her Voice

Not all video reactions to cochlear implants are of cute kids. See what an adult experiences during a cochlear implant bilateral Esteem Implant switch ­on. Having never heard her voice, this 29 year old woman gets understandably emotional.

4. Cochlear Implants make it onto The Doctors TV Show

Experience the story of Dawn, who states: “I’m not afraid of the surgery, I’m afraid of hearing. I’ve never heard my son’s 8 year old voice.” Watch to see her response to hearing her son for the first time.

5. Child Hears Father’s Voice for the First Time via an Auditory Brainstem Implant

Reuters reports on the first child to receive an auditory brainstem implant, and how that differs from a cochlear implant. This child’s reaction to his father’s voice is priceless. Note how he signs “voice” to indicate that he is hearing his dad talking.

6. Hearing Sound for the First Time Can Be Confusing

From smiles to burying her shy face, this child reacts to hearing for the first time. A drum is used to provide a sound ­producing source to focus on. She must learn that sound comes from objects. Also experienced right off the bat is the quick reality of “device retention” in the curious hands of a toddler.

7. Big Brother’s Reaction to Little Bro’s Hearing

The whole family is out to share in the experience as little Carter has his cochlear implant turned on for the first time. This video is produced by Advanced Bionics, which is one of several cochlear implant manufacturers. Note big brother’s reaction to this happy occasion.

8. Seven year old from Guatemala receives implant in USA from charity

CBS News highlights a story where a disadvantaged child is given the gift of hearing, although he has to travel far away from his home and family for several months to receive it. As a video link allows his family to share in the initial activation appointment, you may wonder if this little boy is crying from the joy of sound, missing his family, or both.

9. “I sound awful!”

This 21 year old women is not crying because of the sound quality of her cochlear implant, but because it is the first time her implant has been turned on; and she can now hear!

10. A Man’s Reaction

Last but not least, even men cry. Another “first time hearing” video moment brought to you by the cochlear implant manufacturer: Advanced Bionics. Watch as this man names colors without the help of lip reading.

11. Can't Stop Laughing (BONUS VIDEO)

13-year-old Hannah has her new Med-El cochlear implants activated, and can’t stop laughing at how everything sounds.

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