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Eargo Unveils Two New OTC Hearing Aids: Eargo SE and LINK by Eargo with Bluetooth Audio

The Eargo SE Completely-in-Canal and the LINK By Eargo earbud with Bluetooth audio streaming bring new innovations at price points that compete well with the best OTC hearing aids on the market.
Photo of two small CIC Eargo SE hearing aids with recharging case

The Eargo SE self-fitting completely-in-ear OTC hearing aid.

Eargo has unveiled two new self-fitting over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, both in rechargeable and discreet form factors, and both significantly lower in price than the company’s previous hearing aid offerings. The announcement also hails the introduction of Eargo’s first earbud with Bluetooth audio streaming.

Launched today, the Eargo SE is instantly recognizable by those familiar with the brand's products as being consistent with their virtually invisible, completely-in-canal (CIC) open-fit ear-tip design philosophy. With a focus on quality and simplicity for the consumer, Eargo SE features a new ear tip, a companion app for both Android and iOS, and a pocket-sized charger that can provide up to 16 hours of use on a full charge. The Eargo SE is priced on the high end of OTC hearing aids at $1,650 but comes with an exceptional service package that includes remote calls and in-app video support from hearing professionals—and, importantly, aligns it in price with some of the best OTC hearing aids currently on the market. Like its tiny Eargo 6 and 7 CIC counterparts, it does not offer streaming audio.

In contrast, LINK By Eargo—which launches later this quarter—represents a break from the company’s traditional CIC designs and pricing. At $799, Link By Eargo is a low-profile earbud-style OTC hearing aid that “remains true to Eargo’s key hallmarks of discreet design and innovative technology.” Creating a new category for the brand, LINK by Eargo is the first and only device within Eargo’s portfolio with Bluetooth 5.3 capabilities—allowing users to stream music and phone calls with rich fidelity.

Photo of dark gray LINK by Eargo earbuds and recharging case

LINK by Eargo OTC hearing aids.

At half the price of Eargo SE, the rechargeable LINK By Eargo has more of the look and feel of a hearable versus a traditional hearing aid but still provides users with Eargo's reliable hearing loss support. The new hearing aid comes with a portable recharging case that provides up to 9 hours of runtime.

“These two new products double down on our decade-long commitment to creating better hearing wellness options—pairing innovative devices with consistent, seamless support,” said Eargo COO and Interim-CEO Bill Brownie in a press statement. “While expanding OTC access and lowering costs for customers is a great first step for our industry, people also deserve the highest quality products and necessary support to incorporate these devices into their daily lives. Our expanded portfolio ensures a breadth of options, no matter the level of need.”

The addition of Eargo SE and LINK By Eargo expands the company’s complete portfolio of OTC devices which also includes Eargo 7 and Eargo 6, all available for purchase online at or via Personal Hearing Guides at (855) 543-5960, and in select retail partner stores including Best Buy, Target, Victra/Verizon stores, and on Amazon.

Eargo 7 was launched at the January 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. One of the highest-priced OTC aids at $2,950 (currently on special at $2,490), Eargo 7 is a very small CIC with customizable sound settings using the Eargo app that uses the company’s proprietary Sound Match on-ear hearing test, as well as remote professional support via phone or video. Eargo 6, introduced a year earlier in January 2022, has slightly older technology than its successor and costs $2,250 (currently $1,990).

HearingTracker Audiologist Matthew Allsop provides a detailed review of Eargo 7 OTC hearing aids. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Eargo has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of exceptionally good, tiny self-fitting products that compete more with premium prescription hearing aids than with OTC hearing aids. With the introduction of Eargo SE at $1,650 and the soon-to-be-released LINK By Eargo at $799, the company now has offerings competitively priced with the best OTC hearing aids that range from $500 to $1,500, with LINK By Eargo costing about the same as the popular Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds.

According to Eargo, this latest product launch comes at a pivotal time, with an estimated 15% of American adults—about 37.8 million Americans—reporting some trouble hearing without a hearing aid, making hearing loss the third most common chronic health condition in the U.S.

Hearing aid accessibility has improved since the FDA created a category for OTC hearing aids in October 2022. Eargo points out that a broad range of hearing devices now exist, including more basic devices competing on price over functionality. However, as a result, many new OTC devices still fall short when it comes to challenging the known shortcomings of hearing aid adoption and providing an effortless product and support model that fully benefits the user. Eargo’s portfolio of offerings proves that people with hearing loss don’t need to compromise on quality or a trusted experience when seeking the support they need, says the company.


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