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How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last

Our survey on hearing aid batteries revealed major differences in how long batteries last depending on size and brand of battery, brand of hearing...

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Auditory Training – Brain Training That May Help You Hear Better In Difficult Situations

One often-overlooked hearing enhancement tool is auditory training, a “brain training” technique for the ears, that is often used to improve...

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Hearing Loops Make It Easier to Hear With Hearing Aids

When wearing hearing aids, hearing loops (or telecoil loops) can help improve your hearing. They are installed in a variety of establishments.

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What Is Frequency Compression in Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are now so sophisticated that they have features hardly anyone but audiologists are aware of, much less understand. Most of us just...

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How to Buy a Hearing Aid

Buying a hearing aid doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Don't get lost in the marketing noise.

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How Often Should I Replace My Hearing Aids?

If your current hearing aids are functioning well and meeting your hearing needs, there may be no reason to upgrade. However, you may want to...

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